5 free ways to build wealth.

Hello family, did you know that by 2053 black households will have a median wealth of zero. How much of your net income are you investing in your future? We must take action today, so here are 5 free ways to build black wealth. 

1. Change your mindset. 

This is most important element to your journey to wealth. We are what we think about. What are you spending most of your time thinking? Are you constantly worried about your fears or just everyday struggles of life? I completely understand because mentally i have been there. However once i realized that we were created in God's image and likeness, my thoughts became much more selective. I directed my focus to spreading love, building wealth, and repairing my community. We have all heard of the LAW OF ATTRACTION, well it really does exist, I literally have manifested my thoughts into reality. Honestly family, try this today, only focus on the things that make you happy and see how it changes your life.

2. Research

Information is one of most beautiful things of earth, knowledge is really power. If someone is more powerful than you, they just know more than you do. We live in a great time for discovering new information, the internet is accessible to all of us. Research that problem you having in your life, research that business you want to start, become a master of your craft. 

3. Always show love

This one is simple, the energy you put out in the universe, is the energy you will get back. Please don't over complicate this step.

4. Start a free business

If you already know your passion in life, start a business helping others. You could use platforms like youtube, shopify, or wordpress. There so many free ways to get started, just do the research for FREE and get started.

5. WORK 

The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. We must get active and reach out to people. Putting the work in is totally free, writing this blog is work. When you put in constant work, you get constant results. Direct your work to what really makes you happy in life. 

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