5 Steps In Becoming a Millionaire!

1. Become One Mentally

The very first step in becoming a millionaire is to become one mentally. This step seems very simple but is very vital to the process. If one is not thinking purely like someone who deserves to have millions, then that person will never see millions. Once you begin to think millions, then you will attract nothing but wealth into your life. Practice this step daily, speak your goals into existence. "I AM A MILLIONAIRE"

2. The Internet 

The internet is making billions of dollars on a daily basics. Anyone who aspires to become a millionaire in today's society needs some kind of online presences. The best way to do this is by finding your passion and dive deep into it. For example, for me i have a passion for building black wealth and I love fashion, so i just combined the two, and now have a clothing brand dedicated to promoting black wealth. There are so many different free platforms to get started, to name a few Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. One may use all these platforms to spread light on your passion and get paid $$$ millions in the process. 

3. Build  A Investment Portfolio

The big secret that every wealthy person knows is to "only invest your money in assets that will make you more money". Example of assets can be Stocks/Bonds, Real Estate, and Businesses. There are many type of investments assets, just google different type of investments assets and millions will populate. Find some type of investment that is able to generate more money while you are sleep.

4. Read/Research 

This will be the hardest step for most of us, because let's just be honest our people have come to a state of hating to read. The reason we hate to read now is no accident, it is by design. Lets go back to slavery when it was illegal for me and you to pick up a book. This is why it is very important for us to read, read, read. There are secret jewels in text books, but if you are just convinced that you will not read, then you can always research videos. What ever your passion is, read and research everything about it, become the master of your craft. 

5. Believe In Yourself 1k%

In order for the first 4 steps to manifest, you have to believe in yourself the entire process  and have a clear visual of where you going. There will be so many people doubting you along the way that any normal person would give up. Millionaires we are not normal, we are the type of people that can see the sun coming during rain. Believe in yourself so strongly that you have supreme confidence in your very action. Keep in mind to always take feed back to get better. No matter who tells you that you can't do it, always keep pushing and one day you wake up a millionaire. 


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