The 7 Step Process To Manifesting Your Dreams

The 7 Step Process To Manifesting Your Dreams

AUTHOR: Trilla King


1. Intention - decide what you want. The first step is to look within and understand what we’re seeking and why. Once we know what we’re seeking we can make it the central focus of our lives - our intention. If peace of mind is our intention we will be able to discern what does & does not align with this and act accordingly.

2. Visualisation - build a clear picture of what it looks like. Adding details to the picture in our heads is a great way to aid the manifestation process. We can also use visualisation exercises to add finer details - what are the smells, tastes, sounds and sights associated with the life we seek to create? This will make it seem more realistic than just a far away dream that may never come to be.

3. Alignment - match your thoughts & beliefs to the goal. The first step to achieving anything is believing that it can be done - we need to become aware of any limiting beliefs or thought patterns that may be mentally or physically blocking that which we’re trying to manifest.

4. Actions - take action every single day. If the dream is to have a fit, healthy and functioning body we must make sure that our daily actions match the goal. We need to eat, sleep and exercise in a way that will help the manifestation process, when our actions and thoughts are aligned we become unstoppable.

5. Focus - block out the distractions. Anything that doesn’t exist in the dream life must be removed today and done so unapologetically. Whether that’s negative people, dysfunctional behaviour or negative ways of thinking - we need to prioritise our dreams if we want them to become reality.

6. Gratitude - be thankful for what you already have. When we become grateful for the good things in our lives we are moving into the abundance mindset, this is essential for manifestations because we attract what we are. If we start “wanting” instead of being thankful for having we begin to embody the scarcity mindset and this attracts more scarcity.

7. Manifestation - watch out for the signs. When we change our thoughts and actions to align with our dreams we will notice our environments changing. People, places and things we used to resonate with will naturally filter out to make room for what we are attracting. We cannot embrace the new whilst still holding on to the old.

We attract what we are, not what we want.

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